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October 2023 New Hires

Felicia Boateng, Operations – Building Services
Ryan Clark, Engineering and Campus Energy
Beata Gad, Operations – Building Services
Eric Hall, Operations – Building Services
Taylor Lavery, Operations – Grounds
Ryan McDonald, Operations – Building Services
Celia Montenegro Garcia Sr, Operations – Building Services
Sebastian Soler, Capital Projects
Darryle Williams, Operations – Building Services


Letter from Kyu - November 2023
Nov. 1, 2023

Vice President of Facilities Kyu Whang has a letter for the team as the academic year progresses. From the Appreciation Cookout to welcoming new senior staff members, news about HR support to the upcoming Town Hall meetings, the fall is shaping up to be a busy and productive time around campus.

FFAS Evolves and Moves! – Updates from AVP Justin Walter
Oct. 30, 2023

The staff of Finance and Administrative Services (FFAS) are the in-house Facilities professionals for finance, procurement, and IT. We strive to be strategic, innovative, and transparent in supporting our partners in Facilities and across the University. Over the past year FFAS has made several changes to enhance the work we do for you.

Redesigning the Public Toilet with Help from Building Services
Oct. 25, 2023

Many people encounter public restrooms day to day. And in an era when more attention is being paid to the spread of disease, a reimagination of the public toilet could help limit the future spread of pathogens. 

Sugarman Practitioner in Residence Dr.…

Interior Design Award for Yeh and New College West
Oct. 25, 2023

Princeton’s Yeh and New College West residential colleges continue to bring recognition for their exceptional design. The colleges received top honors at the Association of University Interior…

HR Representatives in MacMillan
Oct. 19, 2023

For your HR-related needs, Facilities employees may contact two designated representatives from Human Resources, Kay Sylla, Senior HR Manager, and Pam Waid, HR Generalist. 

As of October 30, Kay and Pam will each be in MacMillan one day a week. When they are not in MacMillan, their HR office space is located at 100 Overlook.

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