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October 2023 New Hires

Felicia Boateng, Operations – Building Services
Ryan Clark, Engineering and Campus Energy
Beata Gad, Operations – Building Services
Eric Hall, Operations – Building Services
Taylor Lavery, Operations – Grounds
Ryan McDonald, Operations – Building Services
Celia Montenegro Garcia Sr, Operations – Building Services
Sebastian Soler, Capital Projects
Darryle Williams, Operations – Building Services


Open Enrollment for 2024 Benefits
Oct. 18, 2023

Open enrollment is from October 23 through November 10. This is the window of time to make needed changes to your elected Princeton benefits, including health insurance.

New Benefit: Hinge Health, Virtual Physical Therapy
Oct. 5, 2023

Have you ever had joint pain? If so, assistance is now easily within reach. Princeton has partnered with Hinge Health, a virtual physical therapy exercise program designed to support back and joint health. Effective immediately, this program is available at no cost to you and your eligible dependents, aged 18 or older, enrolled in a Princeton…

Princeton Mammography Program
Oct. 5, 2023

This fall, the Princeton Mammography Program, available to you and your loved ones, will take place from October 9 through October 31.

MacMillan Renovation: Phase One
Oct. 3, 2023

As the campus continues to grow, so does the Facilities team responsible for the stewardship of the grounds and buildings. To accommodate this growth in staff and given the age of MacMillan, the building is undergoing minor renovation. 

The renovation will make new use of existing space for the additional staff,…

It’s National Custodian’s Day!
Oct. 2, 2023

October 2 is National Custodians Day. It is a day to recognize our hard-working custodians that keep our spaces and workplaces clean and sanitary.  

The custodians in Building Services make up the largest service department on campus. With nearly 300 employees, the group is present in every building on campus. Custodians work…

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