Campus Impacts

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In the event your work causes an emergency:

  • Dial 911 immediately from a campus or mobile phone to contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS).
    • For issues involving natural gas lines, notify 911 and PSE&G immediately
  • Call x88000 to inform the Facilities Service Center of all emergencies as soon as possible after reaching out to DPS and the utility department. 

Campus Impact Coordination

The owner of the work causing an impact is responsible for first coordinating the date/time with stakeholders and the Impact Coordinator (Kelly Klein).

  1. Gain date & time approval 
    • Speak with stakeholders
    • Speak with the Impact Coordinator
  2. Submit an impact notification request to trigger a fac-outage email, construction text and/or traffic alert email (Kelly Klein/Karen Fanning)
  3. Order detour signs as needed, via a Work Order.
    • These are the basic detour signs to borrow. If you need custom signs, please discuss with the Impact Coordinator. 
detour signs
  1. Install interior safety signs as needed
detour signs