Want to send a Kudos to a co-worker?

Please consider nominating a co-worker for a Tiger or Spot award to say job well done and/or thank you, instead of sending a kudos. Tiger & Spot awards were set up as a peer recognition program within Facilities, and while they are similar to kudos, they also include a monetary award. We encourage you to nominate co-workers for a Tiger or Spot award when they've done something extra ordinary! 

Kudos from Campus Partners

Kudos from the Chapel for the Painters & Carpenters

From Patricia Florek, Chapel Administrator

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the awesome work your men are doing in the Chapel.  They’ve been painting on Floor A and B and the transformation is stunning!  It can be very dungeon-like down here and I truly appreciate how hard they are working to…

Kudos from Campus Life for Gus Bing's Team

From:  Joanne Campagnoli-Sismondo, Event Coordinator, Office of Religious Life


   I want you to know that your crew did an outstanding job yesterday with the set up and clean up for the Campus Life Breakfast.  I can’t thank them all enough.  If you can let them know how much I…

Kudos for Roberta Berrios, Paint Shop

From a resident at Lawrence Apartments:

This week my bathroom in 11 Lawrence apt 304 got repainted to repair some water damage, and I wanted to say the person who did the painting (Roberta I believe) did an excellent job! She was timely, professional, and displayed excellent workmanship. It's impossible to…

Kudos from Athletics for Jean Rivage, Building Services

Two notes of appreciation from Athletics:

I want to commend the magnificent job custodian Jean Rivage is doing in the stadium. We have gone years with dirty offices and bathrooms you do not wish to use, and now, all that has changed, as someone here takes great pride in their work. Please pass this along to…

Kudos for Tom Graziano, Lock Shop

From a first-year student at 1967 Hall:

I am a first year at Princeton University. I wanted to say thank you on the behalf of myself and my roommates. I would like to thank the Princeton Facilities for quickly helping address the issue with our door lock. I am thankful for Thomas Graziano who was very…

Kudos from SEAS for Mike Carson's team

From:  Traci Miller, Undergraduate Affairs Administrator, SEAS:

A HUGE thank you to all of our campus partners for everyone’s behind-the-scenes help with the last Friday’s Science & Technology Job Fair in Dillon Gym.  Peter and I greatly appreciate the extra effort everyone put into the STJF…

Kudos for Emergency Response at Edwards Hall

From:  Mike Stillwagon, Assoc. Director, Housing - Kudos for Fred Knott, Cathy Rice-Medley & team, and EJ May & Campus Grounds


Fred, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent work this weekend. Having you onsite and providing updates and timely communication…

Kudos for Gus Bing's Team

From:  Venue Services and the Humanities Council

It was my pleasure to work with Humanities on this wonderful event. Kudos, to Jeannine for her commitment to great communication and coordination! Also, a huge thank you to Gus Bing and his Building Services team for pulling off the amazing flip of…

Kudos for Opening Exercises

Kudos for Building Services, Campus Grounds and Electric Shop from Nick Robinson, Director of Campus Support Services

Hello folks,

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your hard work and dedication in supporting Opening Exercises. Your contributions were invaluable and helped to make the…

Move-In Kudos for Michael Loyer from Butler College

Also, want to send along another thank you to you, Michael, and everyone who was on hand to ensure that the turnover from one move-in event to the next was quick, efficient, and- above all, accurate. The two events ultimately went off flawlessly- thanks largely to your team.

Michael, specifically, was an incredible resource to me in…

Kudos from Firestone Library for Gus Bing and his team

From Elaine Russian, Library Physical Planning & Operations:


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you and your staff for a job well done.

When you and I met earlier this year to discuss the opportunity for summer cleaning projects

at Firestone, I left you with…

Kudos from 306 Alexander for Robert Bradshaw's team

From Marcia Leach, Site Protection:


I wanted to say thank you to you and your team.  A very nice job on the carpets. And even more impressive is the break room/kitchen floor.  I haven’t seen the floor that clean since I came to Site Protection in 2019.  Kudos!