Tania Althoff

Feb. 24, 2023

Project Manager in Capital Projects, with Facilities for 2 years

Project: Science renovation projects such as the Moffett 3rd floor renovation, Forrestal Campus Wind Tunnels, and the Icahn Genomics study.

Bio: As a licensed Architect, I've worked for a range of AE design firms and then most recently as a Project Manager for the City of New York's Real Estate Division. I also actively volunteer with various mentoring initiatives including through the AIA (now as an AIANJ Mentorship Committee Member),

Syracuse University, and the ACE student program. I love connecting with young architects and especially young women just starting out in the industry.

How did you get here: In high school I took an Architecture and Engineering course and absolutely loved it. I did well in both math and art classes and a teacher suggested architecture as a fitting career path. I pursued a Bachelor of Architecture in college and worked at several design firms, then turned to

project management / facilities to see the other side of the industry.

Advice: Go for it and know that your voice matters! Be assertive but strive to be an active listener as well. And make sure to find good mentors along the way to help guide you on your path.